How To Significantly Improve Employee Engagement and Retention In The Next 60 Days With A Free Leadership Development Program 

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Let’s start off by addressing the big white elephant in the room.  

Why are we giving away a highly-valuable leadership development program for free?

I know this probably sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

We are extremely confident that you’ll love this program and will want to continue working with us, so we’re happy to start our relationship with you by offering massive value upfront.

But there’s absolutely no obligation for you to work with us beyond this free program.

The leadership development program we’re going to give you will help your managers to significantly improve employee engagement and retention in the next 60 days, for free.

And, it will help them make a positive impact on the lives of their team members and find more meaning in their work as managers.

In fact, our program may be the most effective leadership development program available for improving employee engagement and retention.

To understand why, let’s first look at why most leadership training programs fail.

Why 85-90% of Leadership Development Programs Fail

As you may be aware, research suggests that between 85-90% of all leadership training fails to make any noticeable impact.

There are 4 reasons for this.

1)  The training is not tied to feedback from team members.

This means that many managers are resistant to the training because they don’t think they need it.

Some managers actually complain that leadership training is a waste of their time.

2)  Training is too long, often lasting for a half day or full day.

This further creates the impression that it’s a waste of time.

Also, it almost guarantees that the training won’t stick.

Managers may walk away with lots of great ideas that they want to act on, but when they get back to the office, reality hits them in the face, and they implement little or nothing that they learned in the training.

3) There is usually no follow-up mechanism to ensure that managers are creating new habits that stick.

So any minor benefit that is realized from training is usually short-lived.

4) Training is often not tied to leadership behaviors that are proven to drive employee engagement and high levels of performance.  

This means that even if every other aspect of the training program is perfectly designed, it still doesn’t help much because it’s not focused on areas that make the most impact.

The Leadership Development Program that We’ve Created Solves All of These Issues.

Our program helps managers develop proven habits for meeting the most important needs people have for thriving at work.

There is decades of research showing that these needs are most strongly correlated with high levels of employee engagement and retention.

Here’s how this program works.

It starts off with a 20-minute video-recorded keynote as an introduction.

Clients pay me $5 – $10k for delivering customized virtual versions of this keynote, and $15-20k for live events.

The program we’re offering you includes this for free.

Since it’s video recorded, it means managers can watch it asynchronously, when it’s most convenient for them.

This video keynote helps managers realize that their primary job as a leader is to inspire greatness in their team members by serving as a coach who helps people to do and be their best.

Managers learn that this approach not only helps them to be more effective, it helps them to realize more meaning and fulfillment in their roles as managers.

They also learn that feedback from team members is essential for being a great leader who finds deep meaning in their work.

Individual contributors are also introduced to the program with an inspiring video, letting them know that they’ll be asked for feedback to help their supervisor help them to thrive.

A couple days after these intro videos are viewed, an anonymous survey goes out.

It’s just one or two questions on how well a person’s direct supervisor is meeting just one of the core needs research has shown are key drivers of employee engagement.

Two days after the survey is deployed, managers get their feedback as an average score of all team members, and are reminded that the only purpose of the feedback is to help them grow and realize more meaning in their work.

Along with their feedback, managers receive a 5-minute training video that provides them with just a couple simple, actionable habits they can start to improve in the area being addressed.

As a side note, individual contributors also receive a 5-minute training video on the same topic that helps them understand the challenges their managers are facing, learn what they can do to help their supervisor help them to thrive, and how they can start developing the skills of great leaders.

After managers watch the training video, they send an email to their team (we provide a template for theme to use) and copy their supervisor, thanking team members for the feedback and letting the team (and their supervisor) know what steps they’re going to take to grow.

This allows employees to feel heard immediately, it provides an accountability mechanism for managers, and it gives the manager’s supervisor the opportunity to serve as a mentor and help support the manager in their growth.  

As simple as this approach sounds, this system has been carefully designed to provide maximum impact very quickly.

Here’s Why This Approach Is So Effective

First, feedback is an extremely important element for helping leaders grow.  

Unfortunately, it’s hard for managers to get the feedback they need. 

Most employees are at least somewhat reluctant to provide constructive feedback to their supervisors regarding how well the supervisor leads people.

But without regular feedback from direct reports, managers are very likely to fail to consistently meet the needs of team members.

Second, as discussed earlier, one explanation for why most leadership training fails is that people aren’t as open to learning something new if they don’t think they’re deficient in the area being taught.

But when managers get feedback from team members letting them know that they have at least some room to grow in a given area, they are much more likely to want to improve in that area, and more likely to be open to the training.

Third, instead of being overwhelmed with lots of different things to work on, managers just have one area to work on.

Because the training provides just a couple simple, actionable ideas for improving, it’s much more likely that the managers will take action.

Also, because the managers are only working on one new leadership behavior at a time, they are much more likely to make that new behavior a habit that sticks.

Fourth, with our approach, the managers’ work wasn’t interrupted for a half-day or full-day of training.

So, when they go back to their workflow, they are much less likely to feel overwhelmed with things they fell behind on.

With this approach, the manager likely only missed 10 minutes or so, including the time to read the feedback, watch the training, and take the first steps to creating a new habit for improving.

By taking less time out of a manager’s workflow, they’re more likely to take action on and stick with what they learned in the training.

Fifth, while your managers are getting better at driving employee engagement, so are your individual contributors.

And, they’re receiving a world-class education on what great leaders do.

So, if they become a manager one day, they’ll already be trained and they’ll be ready to be a good – or even great – manager on day one of the job.

Finally, and perhaps most important, you’ll be creating a virtuous cycle of employees providing feedback, feeling heard, and seeing action being taken on their feedback in a matter of days.

With each cycle of this simple process, employees have more confidence and trust in their managers and in the leadership team.

I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Research from Gallup shows that engagement is nearly 3 times higher when employees strongly agree with the statement:

“My organization acts upon the results of surveys I complete.”

Just this virtuous cycle alone will quickly and significantly improve employee engagement and retention in your organization.

During the next 60 days, your team can experience four of these virtuous cycles for free, and you managers can create four new habits that will help them drive higher levels of engagement immediately, and for years to come.

And, getting started takes just a few minutes of your time.

All we need is the org chart for those who are participating, and their names and contact information, and then our system does everything else for you, automatically.

If you’d like to learn more about this free program, and how you can get started in a matter of minutes, just tap the button below to schedule a free discovery call.

I hope you found this information very valuable, and I look forward to continuing to serve you with a free discovery call.

Book Your Free Discovery Call

If you’re interested in learning more about our free leadership development program, just tap below to schedule a call.

During your call, we’ll answer any questions you have and, if you like, get you started with this free program in a matter of minuntes.

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